Datacente Busbar Systems

Flexibility does not necessarily suggest there are intricate processes underlying. It is often associated with simplicity and to-the-point design. This is achieved by combining four of our marvellous product lines elucidated below.

First, there is Track Busway, which can provide a flexible power distribution system that avoids many practical hurdles. While expanding, or rearranging the infrastructure, accessing the power often creates many issues. Our system helps you plug-in power from any location. The practical benefit of this continuous access slot is monumental for the growth of your company. Such a system prominently reduces operational cost and does away with tedious maintenance.

Next in line is Plug-In Raceway. This is a revolutionary concept that should be used in every sector. It allows you to redefine your infrastructure, without bothering about the power flow. Common power outlets can only be accessed from a fixed area. However, Plug-In Raceway allows you to access it throughout the system, whenever needed.

Power monitor system comes next, to be integrated with Track Busway. It can also act as an individual unit, for easy monitoring. It goes along with virtually every system that you have in mind.

Finally there is our DC solution, carefully crafted for large scale clientele. With great power comes great hazards. This is why you have to be concerned about the safety of equipments and power flow. Keeping up with global business standards, we offer a new way to integrate DC power in to datacenters.