Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter security systems

Security is the main consternation of all establishments. Let the property be intellectual or physical, ensuring security is highly important. Perimeter security provides comprehensive safety measures all around your building. This primary defense mechanism will make sure nobody encroaches your property without your consent. We also offer security measures for objects and articles within the building. While planning the installation of a perimeter security system, you should choose one according to the nature of your establishment. There are numerous methods and options for you to select from.

RLTDR Fiber sensors with microphone

50 kilometer long perimeter sensor in looped systems is not a minor security standard. The range can go upto 100 kilometers, for normal parameter security. We use a noval technology, which is on patent queue. This technological marvel is easy to install and maintain. In comparison with other intrusion detection systems, this one is definitely a cost effective model. The long range radius and state of the art signal response system, makes it suitable for high security organizations, airports, power plants, and pipelines. We aim to eliminate human errors completely from the security system, by providing automated response methods. The system deploy drones to sweep the area, in case of an intruder alert.

Under water intrusion detection
Intruders know no limit. Any property located near a water body is vulnerable to external intrusions, due to the lack of underwater perimeter security. MARINET security will provide you with 24*7 underwater security. FiberNet can detect any type of disturbances, without honking the false alarm. This system is virtually impenetrable. It will detect all attempts to enter, with almost 100% accuracy. The net contains no metals; thus, it can avoid counter attacks with electro magnetic pulses. It is oblivious to enemy radars and radio signals. This one-time installation will safeguard your property well over three decades. FiberNet can withstand almost all sorts of damages caused by wheather and environmental conditions. This easy-to-use system can be integrated in to your existing perimeter security, for ease of access.

OptiLoop property protection
An alarm that only notifies real intrusions- that is the promise of OptiLoop protection. This optical fiber installation uses infrared light to determine trespassing. BEI security uses their latest sensor technology to provide intruder alerts via both visual and audible means.